• Product Code: ZEUS4-VD LITE

ZEUS4-VD LITE GSM voice alarm communicator is a very cost effective and reliable device that transmits prerecorded voice messages and/or SMS text messages when alarm event is triggered to up to 4 different telephone numbers. It delivers automatic alarm messages over the GSM network and is suitable for location where there is no fixed telephone line. When an input is activated it automatically dials out to preprogrammed numbers and an alarm message is sent.

ZEUS4-VD LITE is a basic mobile voice and SMS autodialing GSM alarm communication solution for almost any security needs. It is suitable for any commercial, retail, security or fire system.


  • Built-in 4 band GSM module (Cinterion)
  • 2 alarm inputs
  • 2 remotely controlled alarm outputs
  • 2 prerecorded alarm messages – 1 for each alarm input
  • OTA function – FirmWare (FW) reprogramming Over The Air
  • PC programming by USB SIM card editor
  • Outputs remotely controlled by SMS and DTMF
  • System activating and deactivating by SMS and DTMF
  • Full printout of programming parameters by SMS