About Us

The Mars Commerce company was established in 1993, Kranj – Slovenia. On the field of GSM devices, we have over 15 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing of GSM network operated devices – GSM communicators, GSM Intercoms, GSM access control devices, etc.

We supply our products to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Our devices are installed at residential premises as well at airports, bus stations, supermarkets, factories, shopping centers, hospitals, parkings, schools and other public places – practically everywhere where our clients need advanced GSM supported intercoms and GSM access control systems and you can’t make it with old fashion wired system.

Why to choose our devices?

Because all our system solutions – hardware, units firmware and programming tools software are made in house on very concrete base of long term experience. Recently we also launched a new web Cloud for devices remote programming, supported by apps for Android and iOS as well.

Since we have our own R&D department we could prepare also custom design printed circuit boards or complete units which will fit exactly in the housings of your systems and will be supported by features which are not included in our standard firmware.

All products are developed and produced in EU - Slovenia and mostly they are on stock so we keep trying to have as short as possible delivery time for ordered goods.