GSM Access Control


GSW1 is a simple GSM remote mobile switch which can open automated electric gates with no call cost..


GSW2 EXIOTypical connecton of the GSW2 EXIO access control system is:1. GSW2 EXIO as main unit ..


GSW2 PLUS is an advanced GSM communication device that can be programmed with up to 1000 phone numb..


SETTING of ACCESS CODES by WEB server or by SMSThe W-LOCK is the CodeLock GSM remote control unit wi..


WIGI is a simple GSM Wiegand access control device, mounted into DIN RAIL housing. The device c..

GSM Access Control is GSM remote control unit for door & gates openning. To open the door you can type your unique 4 digits PIN access code into the CodeLock keypad or dial the mobile number of the W-LOCK unit free of charge (Caller ID). When the correct PIN access code or CLIP is recognized the W-LOCK unit opens the gates/door. Changing the PIN access codes, setting the phone numbers and other parameters can be programmed remotely by sending text (SMS) to the unit. Typical use of the W-LOCK: rental apartments, holiday houses, restricted access areas, storages, laboratories, etc.



No. of Call Buttons -Users 2 (ext. modules)
Keypad built in
Remote Administration
Local USB Administration
Inputs 1 1 1 2
Relay Outputs 1 1 1 2
DTMF remote control
Caller ID function 100 500 500 1000
PIN Entry Codes 1000 1000* 1000*
Temporary PIN Entry Codes 100 100 100
Wiegand Interface (IN) 1 1
Wiegand Interface (OUT) 1
Rs485 comm. Port 1
LCD Support
Temperature Probe
Daily and weekly timer
Exio4 (4IN/4OUT, 3 temp.) 4

* To use this function you have to add external WG26 PIN Code/RFID Card Reader
** One Wiegand input is taken by on board keypad but with external adaptor you can get more Wiegand Inputs