GSM Access Control


GSW1 is a simple GSM remote mobile switch which can open automated electric gates with no call cost..


GSW2 EXIOTypical connecton of the GSW2 EXIO access control system is:1. GSW2 EXIO as main unit ..


SETTING of ACCESS CODES by WEB server or by SMSThe W-LOCK is the CodeLock GSM remote control unit wi..


WIGI is a simple GSM Wiegand access control device, mounted into DIN RAIL housing. The device c..

GSM Access Control is GSM remote control unit for door & gates openning. To open the door you can type your unique 4 digits PIN access code into the CodeLock keypad or dial the mobile number of the W-LOCK unit free of charge (Caller ID). When the correct PIN access code or CLIP is recognized the W-LOCK unit opens the gates/door. Changing the PIN access codes, setting the phone numbers and other parameters can be programmed remotely by sending text (SMS) to the unit. Typical use of the W-LOCK: rental apartments, holiday houses, restricted access areas, storages, laboratories, etc.



No. of Call Buttons -Users 2 (ext. modules)
Keypad built in
Remote Administration
Local USB Administration
Inputs 1 1 1 2
Relay Outputs 1 1 1 2
DTMF remote control
Caller ID function 100 500 500 1000
PIN Entry Codes 1000 1000* 1000*
Temporary PIN Entry Codes 100 100 100
Wiegand Interface (IN) 1 1
Wiegand Interface (OUT) 1
Rs485 comm. Port 1
LCD Support
Temperature Probe
Daily and weekly timer
Exio4 (4IN/4OUT, 3 temp.) 4

* To use this function you have to add external WG26 PIN Code/RFID Card Reader
** One Wiegand input is taken by on board keypad but with external adaptor you can get more Wiegand Inputs