• Product Code: WIGI

WIGI is a simple GSM Wiegand access control device, mounted into DIN RAIL housing. The device can be used for remote opening of automated electric gates with no call cost (caller ID recognition). What you need is only to dial the number of the WIGI unit and when the call is received, the system recognizes your number and sends a signal to open your gates. 

WIGI is equiped with Wiegand 26 input. It is possible to connect different types of proximity card readers (3rd party Wiegand receivers) and access entry keypads. WIGI supports up to 1000 access entry codes, up to 100 temporary access entry codes. It also supports offline mode. 

WIGI is user-friendly and very easy to install. You only need to insert a SIM card, (connect 3rd party Wiegand receiver), connect power supply and connect the output. Up to 500 Caller ID numbers can remotely control the device. Master users (5) can add and delete parameters from WIGI with a simple text message (SMS) or by Web programming.


  • Remotely access codes changing 
  • Up to 1000 access codes - 4 digits
  • Up to 100 temporary access codes
  • Free of charge entrance activation
  • Manage through an authorized user(s)
  • Up to 500 users can open the entrance with a free call - Caller ID
  • Set up all codes and other parameters via WEB server, Smartphone apps., PC or with SMS