• Product Code: SOLO-KP

NEW SOLO KP with multi apartment solution

The SOLO-KP is an audio GSM "Door phone to Phone" device for multi apartment buildings, companies, etc., allowing you to control visitors. When visitors press your apartment number on the keypad of the SOLO-KP device, your mobile and/or landline phone rings and you can talk to visitors. By pressing two digit code on your telephone keypad you can open the doors - like on ordinary Intercom.

SOLO-KP is suitable for up to 100 apartments, 2 phone numbers per apartment. Reprogramming of the parameters, adding or deleting the user phone numbers is easy with sending text message - SMS to the device.

The SOLO-KP unit allows you to remotely open doors by pressing any key on your phone or by using the Caller ID - CLIP* function - free of charge.

It is ALL in ONE and it is very easy to install


  • All in one
  • Door phone to GSM/PSTN phone communication
  • High quality audio
  • Up to 100 apartments
  • 2 phone numbers per apartment
  • 20 entry pin codes - 4 digits
  • 20 special users CLIP numbers
  • Up to 200 Caller ID (CLIP*) numbers to open the doors by calling the unit
  • Trade button with timer function (on request)
  • 2 alarm inputs
  • 2 relay outputs
  • Wiegand 26 output
  • Metal or stainless steel finish front plate - option