• Product Code: SOLO-NX


SOLO-NX is an audio GSM Door phone device. It calls on predefined mobile and/or landline (PSTN) phones when visitors visit your home, office, holiday house or other premises so you can talk to them and grant them access.

The SOLO-NX device also allows you to remotely open doors, gates and other access control devices by pressing a key combination on your mobile phone, by SMS remote control or with Caller ID recognition (free of charge).

SOLO-NX can be ordered in a housing for surface (standard) or flush mounting (on customer request), with 1 button. Solutions with more buttons are also available upon customer requests in larger housing. The device can be upgraded with the CodeLock keypad (type SOLO-NX/CL).

It is ALL in ONE and it is very easy to install. All you need is to connect the power supply, Insert the SIM card and at least one phone number which the unit dials.


  • All in one
  • Door phone to GSM/PSTN phone communication
  • High quality audio
  • Up to 5 users per call button
  • Stainless steel finish front plate
  • Optional black painted front plate
  • Surface metal mounting housing
  • Very easy and quick installation
  • Easy access by free call (up to 100 Caller ID numbers)
  • Easy door release by using mobile phone
  • Illuminated Push button or Piezo button - optional
  • 2 relay outputs
  • 2 alarm inputs
  • Additional mode of use - TAXI CALL POINT