• Product Code: ZEUS4-MC

ZEUS4-MC is a sophisticated GSM/GPRS alarm communication control system that is designed to ensure lowcost, high-speed and reliable alarm communications. It can be used as a backup for standard PSTN telephone line in the event of failure or as a replacement for standard telephone line when it is not possible to set it up. ZEUS4-MC acts as normal PSTN telephone line when communicating with Central Monitoring Station through Contact ID protocol, but it uses GSM network. Events can be transfered to the server installed in Central Monitoring Station via GPRS-TCP/IP connection.

ZEUS4-MC has 4 output trouble indications and 4 alarm inputs. Each alarm input, when alarm is triggered, sends a Contact ID event, alarm beep and SMS messages separately or all at the same time to up to 10 different telephone numbers and 2 Central Monitoring Stations for Contact ID protocol.

ZEUS4-MC also gives an end-user the ability to control certain systems from distance by Caller ID - CLIP command or by SMS. There is a new option called “CID to SMS”, the end-user can receive alarm events in textformat on personal GSM phone.


  • Built-in 4 band GSM module - Cinterion
  • Full transparent event reporting through Contact ID protocol
  • Contact ID (CID) protocol built-in • CID to SMS - receiving alarm events in text format
  • Transfer of events to CMS via GPRS-TCP/IP connection
  • 4 alarm inputs, 4 remotely controlled trouble status outputs
  • GSM Priority input, System ON/OFF input
  • OTA function – FirmWare (FW) reprogramming Over The Air 
  • SMS alarm and service messages
  • Memory stores up to 10 different telephone numbers and 2 numbers for the CMS
  • PC programming by USB port or programming by SMS
  • 10 Caller ID remote & access control users
  • Up to 1000 event log buffer
  • Certificates: EN50131-1, EN50136-1-1, EN50136-2-1